Following is a newly created (and as yet totally unplaytested) army list for what I envision Demiurg to be. Rather than being the short, fat, beer-swilling and bearded Dwarfs most know and love from Tolkien, Dragonlance and Warhammer, I see them to be much closer to the Dwarves of AD&D's Dark Sun world of Athas - short but extremely powerful and tough, with muscle rather than beer guts. Fierce and determined they may be, however they usually remain focused on their task at hand, in this case it would be their mining. 

Because of the Greek origins of the word 'Demiurg', I also went with greek words for the rest of the unit names. As for army list composition, I went for something somewhat similar to the theme of the Daewar I first created: slow and with good firepower. The army has lost the manueverability afforded by the guild bikers and gyrocopters of old, however this is countered by their generally increased survivability due to a 4+ armour save. Weapons remain short to mid-ranged, with an 18" rapid fire weapon taking weapon of choice. Thematically, the weapons are generally what would be used by miners, with pneumatic high-powered air-rifles, seismic gravity-using weaponry, and high temperature incinerators. Hand to hand consists of picks and rock drills, and vehicles more often than not make use of tunnelling rock drills to get where they want to go.


Strategy: Demiurg Forces have a Strategy Rating of 2D6, and a Vehicle Leadership Value of 8 for campaign use. For missions involving Sentries, Demiurg Forces use five Demiurg (Initiative 2).

Short Legged: Demiurg are short legged and wide of girth, making their movement somewhat ungainly. When pursuing a foe or fleeing from combat, Demiurg on foot roll 3D6 and pick the two lowest dice. Note: this rule does not apply to Ktinos.

Move Through Cover: Demiurg are miners born and bred, and hence are experts at moving through difficult terrain. Demiurg may roll an extra D6 when rolling to move through difficult terrain. In most cases this means that they will roll 3D6 and pick the die with the highest score.

Mixed Armour: It is possible for Demiurg units to have models with different armour saves. The normal casualty removal rules are slightly altered to take this into account.

The opposing player rolls to hit and wound for whichever unit he is firing with as normal. However, when the Demiurg player makes his armour saves, he uses the save for the armour worn by the greatest number of models in the unit. In the case of a tie, the Demiurg player may decide which save is used. Any casualties removed after the saving throws have been taken must come first of all from the models whose saving throw was used (even if hit by weapons that don't allow a save to be taken, like power weapons etc.).

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